"Media literacy and Libraries" is the title of the International Symposium held by the Organizing Committee for the Support of Libraries (OSCE) on Saturday December 1, 2018. The term Media literacy refers to all the technical, cognitive, social, political and creative skills and competences that citizens need to have in order to be able to critically access and comprehend the information they come across, while they interact with the media. During the symposium, speakers from Germany, the United States, Spain, Finland and Greece were invited analyze the very interesting topics of media education and the role of libraries in addressing misinformation. In addition, international experiences and innovative literacy promotion and good practices will be presented, and ways to be aplied in our country will be discussed.

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    The event includes six contributions, one from each speaker and one round table discussion coordinated by Mrs. Tatiana Karapanayiotis..

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    Welcome and opening remarks

    Mrs Stefania Merakou and Mrs Alexandra Papazoglou held the welcome speech and greetings on behalf of the Committee for the Support of Libraries.

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